Why You Need a Bathrobe this Winter?

warm robe for winter: Monarch Cypress
Bathrobes, those clothes that we put on to dry when we get out of the shower or pool, have more peculiarities than it seems. Although they all share the same function that is none other than drying ourselves, when buying them we can find many different options. In this article, we have proposed to help you find the perfect bathrobe for you by telling you everything you need to know before buying it. We will tell you the difference between the proposals for men and for women, we will explain why we can classify bathrobes by their use and when they are for showers, and why you need a bathrobe this winter.

What are the advantages of bathrobes?

  • The main purpose of bathrobes is to cover the naked body after showering, in order to keep it warm and dry.
  • These garments are made of absorbent fabrics such as cotton, microfiber (polyester), wool, silk or velvet, which help to remove moisture from the body or remove the cold.
  • But bathrobes not only protect us from the cold, but they can be very useful if they are used outdoors on beach or pool days, as they keep the skin safe from sun damage and even the wind.
  • That is, it is a garment that makes the time to leave the bathroom much more comfortable and that also helps us to take care of our health avoiding colds.

Types of Bathrobe

There are many types of bathrobe, depending on many factors such as design, season, or material.

According to design

  • Bathrobe type: It is the most classic design. It is usually wide and you can adjust it to the body through a belt made of the same material. To make it even more comfortable and practical, it is customary to incorporate two pockets.
  • Most of the designs of this type are even unisex. In addition, the fabric is usually thick, so they are especially recommended during winter and to dry off after a shower.
  • Kimono Type: It is a somewhat more aesthetic model inspired by oriental kimonos. It is usually decorated with different patterns and is usually used more to be around the house than to dry. They are most used in summer.

Seasonally: Winter Bathrobe

  • These bathrobes are the most used at any time of the year and are usually made of thick fabric. It is long to the ankles more or less, although sometimes they are usually just below the knees, long sleeves, you can find them with a hood and in different colors, plain or multicolored.
Now that you know why you need a bathrobe this winter, you just have to find the perfect option for you. We encourage you to take a look at our catalog, you will find options of different fabrics and designs for all tastes. If you have any questions, remember that we will be happy to help you.

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