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If you are reading this you are probably asking yourself, why would I buy a Monarch/Cypress robe, towel or sheet instead of a department store cheap “equivalent”? Simply put, Monarch/Cypress items are made for hotels and because of that they are constructed to significantly higher standard than a retail product.


First and foremost, our items are made to withstand extreme use conditions. Monarch products are designed for the rigors of constant use and washing often for months or even years, something a basic store-bought product cannot survive. Our items are designed to be “boiled and baked,” a term often used to describe the extremely high heat of professional washers and dryers. This is done by only using superior quality materials that will not fall apart. That means no flimsy fabrics, cheap sewing processes or accessories that while looking great will not hold up with constant use. Whether you choose a cotton, blended or microfiber product from us, you can rest assured that the item will look as close to new wash after wash, and use after use. Areas that are prone to wear, such as belt ties, hems, pocket details etc. are reinforced to assure they will not fail. This means no delicate sewing techniques that will pretty are prone to failure. Fabrics we use are tested for minimum shrinkage and are designed to hold their colors under the most extreme conditions... some even will withstand bleach. Try that with a regular store-bought robe, towel or sheet! .


Second, our items are designed to be timeless. Many of our items have been in our catalog for over 20 years! This is not because we are lazy about creating new products, but because our products work, and hotels want items they can rely on being the same year after year. Many times, this means that we do not have the “latest and greatest” products, but that is because time after time we find those “new and better” items fall apart after a few uses and while possibly looking and feeling great at time of purchase, just do not feel or look the same a week or two after use. For a hotel, that would be unacceptable and we would not be around for over 35 years if we sold such products. We prefer to test, test and re- test before introducing a new product, assuring our customers that if Monarch offers the product, it will not be a fad, it will be an heirloom. .


Finally, because our items are used in hotels, their sizing is much more generous than competing products offered at retail. Remember, our items need to fit nearly everyone, yet at the same time feel comfortable to nearly everyone. That is no easy feat. This leads some customers to complain that our items are too large, but we have made the deliberate decision to make items that anyone can wear and feel comfortable in. Yes, this might make the item less sexy, but let’s be honest, most of us are not Victoria Secret models! Our items are not designed for show, they are designed for go. They are not designed for that quick Instagram picture they are designed for use and lots of it! .


A kimono is a traditional Japanese style robe. They are cut in such a way that they can fit any body type. They also come in a wide variety of lengths, but most go from below the knee and can reach the ankles. Anyone from the smallest child to a sumo wrestler can rock a kimono which further increases its universal appeal.

What most people don’t know is that the kimono has been around for over 1000 years. That statement says more than you could imagine. For the Japanese and other Asian nations, the kimono was regarded as the perfect garment. Even though they are only worn for traditional ceremonies and special events these days, the Kimono Robes live on to this day.

Our selection of Kimono Robes are naturally inspired by the traditional kimono, but with many added modern touches. The robes are specifically built to offer increased room so that you’ll never have to think about it as you relax. Features like reinforced shoulder areas and wide sashes further enhance the design.

With choices like microfiber, terry/velour and lightweight waffle fabrics to choose from, there’s no such thing as picking the wrong material for your Kimono Robe. In particular, the Terry/Velour Robe is fantastic due to its silky feeling interior. And let’s not forget the main reasons for owning this robe - warmth and comfort. The style of this robe provides plenty of protection against a cold winter day. Plus, our Kimono Robes are quite affordable, allowing you to treat yourself while staying within your budget.


Our light robes are perfect for the warmer days. They are available in the best hotels and tropical spas in the country; in a variety of sizes, patterns, and even colors to match any décor or preference. From lightweight waffle kimonos, lightweight waffle shawls to lined waffle robes, these unique lightweight waffle robes are made from fresh cotton or polycotton waffle piques. The diamond style waffle robes are available in white or natural. All other styles of waffle robe are only available in white.

The material when choosing your bathrobe is very important. Fundamentally because the garment's water absorption capacity and, therefore, drying capacity will depend on it. However, you also have to consider the touch that the bathrobe provides. Our selection of bathrobe fabrics includes plush, velvet feel, waffle, suede, and microfiber. We offer the widest variety of styles including kimonos, shawl collars, and hooded. That is why Monarch Cypress was chosen Favorite Spa Robe Manufacturer 3 years in a row by American Spa Magazine.


Shawl Collar Robes offer you a more sophisticated touch of elegance than basic kimono bathrobes, as they give you the added luxury of a cozy, comfortable rolled neck; comfortable and practical pockets, and long sleeves, some with cuffs. As if that were not enough, we have a variety of fabrics and colors for you to choose from to your liking, including plush, waffle and microfiber.

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 and 70 percent of 5-star reviews from our repeat customers, Monarch Cypress's Shawl Collar Robes stand out as the best collar bathrobe used in four-star hotels and spas nationwide.

Shawl Collar Robes offer you a more sophisticated touch of elegance than basic kimono bathrobes, as they give you the added luxury of a cozy, comfortable rolled neck; comfortable and practical pockets, and long sleeves, some with cuffs. As if that were not enough, we have a variety of fabrics and colors for you to choose from to your liking, including plush, waffle and microfiber. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 and 70 percent of 5-star reviews from our repeat customers, Monarch Cypress's Shawl Collar Robes stand out as the best collar bathrobe used in four-star hotels and spas nationwide. It is a unisex garment, great for those unforgettable moments with your loved ones. An exceptional gift that everyone appreciates. So durable that it can be machine washed at temperatures up to 65º C and tumble dried. Our high-density fabrics gives them excellent moisture wicking capacity.

In other words, ideal to avoid getting cold when leaving the shower, the pool, or the spa.

Show Size

Waist Circumference of the Robe

Our regular robes have a waist circumference of approximately 60" Our XL robes have a waist circumference of approximately 65".
Remember, when you wear a robe, one side overlaps the other. Some prefer a small overlap, and some prefer a large overlap.
Take that into consideration when you are sizing the waist and bust.


Bust Circumference of the Robe

The bust of a robe varies with the size and style. Most of our robes are one size fits most, which is approximately 57".
The bust is measured by the left and right laps in the front plus the circumference of the back.
Basically, when you open the robe, it'll be the chest from left side to right side of the robe.


Length of the Robe

The robe lengths are measured from the back of the neck down to the bottom of the robe.
Most of our robes are one size fits most, which is approximately 48" up to 52".

To find out how big a robe will be on you, we suggest using a tape measure and measure from the back of your neck
to the floor for an idea of the length and around your body just above where the belt would be for the bust.

*note* OSFM (one size fits most) is equivalent to a size LARGE.


Robe fabrics - How to choose what is right for you, or maybe they all are!


Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy a robe, and more importantly you have decided to buy a Monarch/Cypress robe! But now the big question, what kind of robe do you want? I would argue first you need to make a decision about what kind of fabric you want the robe made out of. “Kind of fabric?” you say. “Aren’t all robes made of the same fabric?” If this is what you are thinking... hold on to your chair, because I am about to blow you away! Monarch/Cypress has robes in tons of fabrics and in turn these fabrics are made of all different kinds of fibers. So, let’s do a deep dive into the wonderful choices that await you by first talking about the basic fibers that make up robe fabrics.




First up, cotton. Cotton is one of the oldest and most popular fibers used to make robes. Cotton is a wonderful fiber that is all natural, extremely absorbent and quite stable even when heated. Cotton however has a tendency to shrink, get hard over time, break down over time and cotton does not like to be bleached. Monarch/Cypress robes made of cotton all share similar characteristics. We only use long staple combed cotton in our robes. Without going into the science too much. Long staple combed cotton is the highest quality cotton available, meaning it is the softest, strongest, and most durable out there.




Second up... polyester and other man-made fibers. Ok, don’t stop reading. In these man-made fibers were thought of as a cheap fiber that felt awful and had no redeeming qualities. Today, however, the opposite is true. Polyester and specifically microfiber polyester fibers are some of the most advanced and high-quality fibers available. Many are super absorbent, super soft, super warm, super long lasting, and super color fast. They don’t shrink and can be bleached. It all depends on how the fiber is constructed and while some are constructed to be super soft, they may not be absorbent or tough, while others may be tougher but not as soft. Monarch/Cypress used a variety of these polyester fibers in many of its robes to achiever specific functions, such as absorbency, warmth, softness, toughness. Finally, there are blended fibers. These are fibers made up of a combination of man-made fibers and cotton fibers. Blending such fibers allows the fabric to have the advantages of both fibers. For instance, a cotton/poly blend can be engineered to have the absorbency and feel of cotton but with the strength and shrinkage control of polyester. Now that we understand the basic fibers, lets discuss the actual fabrics Monarch/Cypress uses. We specifically designed our robe fabrics for hotel use.
This means that the fabrics are far high in quality and superior to most "consumer" fabrics in wear, weight, and touch.



Velour and Terry

Velour and Terry

Our 100% combed cotton terry and velour fabrics are the “original” bathrobe fabrics. Terry and velour are actually the same fabric, the only difference being the final process. Terry fabric is basically looped towel fabric, but just like there are different qualities and weights of towels, so are there different qualities and weights of terry for robes. Monarch’s terry fabric is made of the finest ring spun, extra -long staple combed cotton. Terry velour is basically terry fabric that has one side with sheared (cut) loops. When the loops are cut, the terry is called velour and has a look and feel of velvet. Those fancy words mean that we use the best cotton available to make sure that your robe will last year after year. Many inferior products use short ended cotton that falls apart after washing and is prone to pilling. Not ours.


Terry and Velour have many great advantages. They are warm, extremely water absorbent, and strong. But they tend to heavy, prone to more shrinkage (our only shrink a max of 5%!) and cannot be bleached as cotton loses its strength when bleached. In addition, because of their bulk, terry and velour robes take a lot of time, water, and energy to clean and dry.


Lined Microfiber and Lined Waffle

Lined Microfiber and Lined Waffle

Lined Microfiber and/or Waffle are robes made out of a combination of two fabrics. One makes up the outer shell of the garment, the other is the liner. By doing this, Monarch is able to combine the best outer shell for strength, durability, and appearance with a inner lining that is soft, warm and in many cases absorbent.


First off is the lined microfiber robe. This type of robe has an outer shell is a 100% high quality twill microfiber that resists staining, tearing and wrinkles. The inner lining can be either a super plush microfiber material that is velvety soft and incredibly strong and warm, or a poly/cotton terry material that is absorbent and soft. In either case the most important thing about combining two fabrics is to make sure they are compatible when washed and dried to minimize any shrinking, binding or pulling that occurs on lesser quality lined robes. Monarch does this through a combination of superior sewing and construction techniques including double stitching and industrial strength pelon inserts.


Second there is the line waffle robe. This is similar to the above-mentioned lined microfiber robe, with the difference being the outer shell material which is a waffle material which give the outer shell a unique look and feel and does a great job of hiding any wrinkles.




Monarch/Cypress was the first bathrobe company to introduce chamois microfiber fabric. We are the largest supplier of such robes in the world and are the ecxlusive supplier to every Sheraton and Westin and Omni hotel in the Unites states.. Chamois microfiber is a very soft flannel like material much like a chamois you might use to dry off a car.It is extremely absorbent and durable, yet super soft and light. 100% chamois microfiber material. Chamois material is 5x more absorbent than cotton. It is virtually indestructible and uses 1/3 the energy to dry. Chamois material can be flat looking on the outside or have a waffle like pattern. What makes our Chamois the best available is that even if it has a pattern on the outside, the inside is still soft and flannel like. (none of our competitors do this!)




Waffle fabrics look, well, like a waffle. They are much lighter than terry but still are usually made with cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. There are a variety of patterns available from a basic square waffle, to a diamond shape one, to a shell shape one. All of Monarch/Cypress’s waffles share the same important traits. They are at least 200 gsm in thickness. which means that even when wet, you cannot see through them... something that cannot be said about cheap competitors. In addition, lower quality waffles have a tendency to shrink quite a bit. Not ours. We make sure that we use combed ring spun cotton and high-quality polyester in our waffles to minimize shrinkage to less than 5% while still allowing for absorbency. Monarch/Cypress waffles are perfect for warmer climates or indoor use when you just do not want a heavy robe, but still want the natural absorbent qualities of cotton. Their texture also makes these robes extremely easy to care for as they do not show wrinkles and use very little water and energy to wash and dry. Monarch/Cypress also offers waffle robes lined in terry so that you have the look of a waffle, but the weight and absorbency of a terry.




Monarch/Cypress Sweatshirt Fabric differs from the “basic” sweatshirt fabric offered by our competitors. While cheap sweatshirt fabric is fluffy on the inside, leading to pilling, fulling and shedding of the material, Monarch’s sweatshirt fabric is industrial strength and is knitted on the inside. This eliminates all of the problems associated with sweatshirt fabric but allows for a robe that feels super soft and drapes extremely well.