Warm Winter Robes

A Selection of our warmest robes for both MEN and WOMEN. Cuddle up with these robes and we promise you will not be disappointed. All are lined in plush for super a soft touch and a super warm feeling. The ultimate winter robes!

Who doesn’t love lounging around the house wearing a toasty robe on a chilly morning? Our line of warm winter robes gives you the choice to make “comfort” all your own. Beautifully designed and as capable as you would expect with just the right amount of padding. You’ll agree with us when you’re lying back wrapped up in one of our Hooded Robes that nothing feels more cozy.

The fit of Hooded Robes are quite generous, as you would expect. The extra wiggle room lets you sit or lay in nearly any position without having that “tugging” feeling. Plus the sensation of having your head wrapped in an ultra soft and warm hood cannot be compared. Plus if you happen to be wearing headphones the hood gives added noise cancellation.

Normally only sold to luxury hotels and spas, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better quality robe anywhere. We’ve got all the bases covered whether you prefer thick terry cloth, microfiber or our absolutely “best of both worlds” Hooded Sweatshirt Robe. That’s right, the robe that can only be compared to wearing your most comfortable sweatshirt. No matter which robe you choose from you’ll definitely have no regrets.

Another item not to be missed would be our line of Shawl Collar Robes. Built for pure luxury, these soft-collared robes will immediately grab your attention because of their excellent design. From the below the knee length to the nice long sleeves, you’ll easily notice the kimono-like inspiration.

Shawl Collar Robes are offered in a variety of fabric choices including Terry, Velour and Lightweight Waffle. Either way you want it, this is one robe where you cannot make a wrong choice when ordering. Some of the Shawl Collar Robes also come with thick cuffed sleeves, adding to the already luxurious feeling.

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