Benefits of Having Monogrammed Waffle Robes

Monogrammed Waffle Robes

What is the Origin of the Bathrobe?

The origin of the term is Arabic and originally it referred to a garment similar to a wool cape that Tunisian shepherds used to protect themselves at night if they had to be out in the open. The same name was later given to a sleeved cape used to protect against water and even snow. This is how it evolved until it came to designate the garment that we know today by this name.

What are the Advantages of Bathrobes?

  • The main purpose of bathrobes is to cover the naked body after showering, in order to keep it warm and dry.
  • These garments are made of absorbent fabrics such as cotton, microfiber (polyester), wool, silk or velvet, which help to remove moisture from the body or remove the cold.
  • But bathrobes not only protect us from the cold, but they can be very useful if they are used outdoors on beach or pool days since they keep the skin safe from sun damage and even the wind.
  • That is, it is a garment that makes the time to leave the bathroom much more comfortable and that also helps us take care of our health. Either avoiding colds or protecting the skin against sunburn.

Benefits of Having Monogrammed Waffle Robes

It is winter and it is cold. If you shower with warm water, when you get out of the shower it will be colder than at the beginning. Guess how we could keep all the heat in our bodies while we dry off. Or how we could save ourselves from having lots of towels in the bathroom "drying" on top of each other. Of course, with the bathrobe. Showering is a pleasure and getting out of the shower should not become an unpleasant moment. On the contrary, there must be harmony between showering and drying. That's our bathrobe moment. Getting out of the shower in winter is going to stop being a nightmare. The bathrobe is no longer a hotel luxury. Now you can experience at home all the elegance and comfort sensation of this classic garment. And if you want a touch of class in your bathrobe, nothing better than a personalized monogram. Monarch/Cypress is pleased to offer personalization on most of our items. All personalizations are on the left chest (above breast pocket - if there is one). Initials are monogrammed the exact way and order you type them in.

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