Hotel Bathrobes: 2021’s Top Fashion Trend?

Hotel Bathrobe
We’re sure by now you’ve become accustomed to rocking your “work from home” outfits. Maybe you’ve invested in more pairs of sweatpants. Can you remember the last time you wore a nice pair of slacks or a formal dress? Probably not. As we all know, 2020 became the year of comfort and safety. Has isolation caused you to daydream about traveling again? Staying in a nice hotel and draping yourself with a luxurious bathrobe? Harry Styles certainly brought that attitude to life in a recent photo. Styles was seen at a recent California wedding wearing nothing more than a luxury hotel robe and slippers. We can’t say that we blame him. Many celebs have done this through the years. There have been many times we’ve been tempted to wear one of our super comfortable Monarch Express Robes to the local coffee shop or just to fill up the tank. However, his picture differs from similar celebrity photo shoots of the past. It seems to symbolize the overall mood of our current climate.

We Want What We Can’t Have

Seeing Harry’s now-famous picture probably makes you nostalgic for vacations and hotel stays of the past. Before 2020, that is. Just like getting together with friends or even shaking hands with someone, lounging in a fluffy, hotel bathrobe is one of the small things we’re all missing in our lives right now. Are we ready to fully embrace comfort in 2021? Wouldn’t you love to be in a comfy bathrobe for your next zoom party? We certainly would.

Become a 2021 Trendsetter

We get it, you may not want to wear a hotel bathrobe to a wedding. However, there is something intriguing about the idea of rocking a robe with the same confidence as if you wore a three-piece suit. Maybe it’s time to fully embrace comfort in 2021. We deserve to wear something soft, luxurious and soothing, especially after a tumultuous year. This can be your chance to become a trendsetter for 2021, and we have the robes to help you do it. While we can’t provide you with the same exact hotel robe worn by Harry Styles, we offer the same high-quality materials and styles as all the luxury hotels. The best part is, you can personalize them, too! Add a personal monogram to fully embrace your new 2021 style. Browse different styles and fabrics to ensure you look the most comfortable at your next virtual hangout. With our wide range of robes, terry wraps and sheets, Monarch Express has you covered (pun intended). Treat yourself with one of our amazing robes, and daydream about the day when you can travel again. When you can, you’ll have the perfect robe to bring with you to keep the robe trend going.

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