What are The Benefits of Microfiber Robes?

Benefits of Microfiber Robes
Just walking around in a fine microfiber robe is a unique experience all on its own. You’ll probably ask yourself how something so light can keep you so dry and warm. We get a lot of questions here at Monarch Cypress asking about the benefits of microfiber robes.

Read on for more about why these robes are so popular.

Superior Absorption Qualities

While many people think microfibers are made from cotton, it is actually man-made. The material normally comes from a very fine polyester and nylon blend. The fibers are much thinner than a human hair. This makes it much more absorbent than normal cotton towels. Microfiber robes are able to dry way more quickly than normal cotton towels thanks to the thinness of the fibers. This leaves you feeling both dry yet comfortable at the same time.

Bacteria Resistant

The synthetic blend that goes into making microfiber robes gives them the added benefit of being extremely resistant to bacteria and mold. The robes don’t absorb any unseemly mildew either. No real bacterial growth means no allergens will survive on the robe. The big plus is that if you are prone to allergies, you’ll have no problem wearing one of our microfiber robes.


MIcrofibers are used for a variety of our robes. The fibers can be matched with anything from Corduroy to Terry fabrics to make a unique, comfy, and ultra-strong robe. Our robes are built to last for an extremely long time. Thanks to microfiber technology, your robe will feel the same as when you first purchased it, even after multiple washes over the years.


To say that our microfiber robes are comfortable would be a gross understatement. These robes are normally only found inside ultra-luxury hotels and the best spas for a very good reason. When you think about it, microfiber is a nearly perfect material for a robe. Even toddlers and kids love the super soft feel of our robes. Microfibers also allow us to be able to offer robes in a wide variety of sizes and fits. Customers always write to tell us how they are surprised about the roominess of our robes.

Why Monarch Express Offers So Many Types of Microfiber Robes

When weighing the benefits of purchasing a microfiber robe, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason to not purchase one.

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