What to Consider When Buying Bathrobes

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Robes rule the world, at least that's what we say here at Monarch Cypress Online. Can anyone really blame us? We know with all the fantastic materials to choose from such as microfiber, terry/velour and so many others it can be difficult to choose. Let’s check some things to consider when buying bathrobes.

What To Consider When Buying Bathrobes


Yes, there are many different materials used to produce robes and bathrobes. These materials include microfiber, terry/velour, sweatshirt, seersucker and many others. However, the material you should buy depends largely on the type of robes you want to buy. These luxurious bathrobes are great for those who are looking for a super comfortable robe. Microfiber robes are well suited for those who are allergic to fabrics such as wool, wool blend and polyester.


Most people understand that not all robes are the same size. The size of the robes can differ greatly from person to person, although some are more specific than others. Our robes come in different shapes and sizes just like people. Take our Kimono Robes for instance. They are specifically designed to fit any shape. This is why our robe sizes are very roomy in all the right places no matter your size.

Style & Design

There are different styles of robes that are meant to fit a wide variety of people and each style will require different amounts of material. Some good examples of this are: Kimono - Based off of the original Japanese design Waffle - Lightweight cotton/polyester robes Hooded - Simply beautiful and tough. Length normally goes all the way down to the ankles

Robe Features

There are many different types of robes, but these are a few of the most basic features that can add a level of comfort and luxury to any bathrobe. Well-made robes are very soft and luxurious. They're also very easy to take care of. Most people are surprised at how durable our robes can be. Finding a bathrobe with an ample range of pockets is a big help in keeping the smell at bay. Bathrobes need to be stored away in a small box, drawer or purse all the time, and it would be a big help to have a robe with lots of pockets. Fabrics can be very soft or rigid. An easy way to tell the difference is to look at the grain of the fabric. The more rigid the fabric is, the higher the grade of the fabric.


Most of us have a robe, perhaps two if we're fortunate. The truth is, there are lots of different types of bathrobes that allow you to keep warm in winter, or cooler in summer, and at the top of the list of bathrobes that will keep you comfortable.

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