What Makes Your Bathrobe Fit Well?

personalized bath robes
Aesthetics and comfort are essential aspects of robe selection, but proper fit is also a must. Assure that the robes fit snugly and won't slide off the shoulders. Eliminate worries about lack of coverage during movement or constant belt adjustments. Well-fitted robes allow for free and unrestricted movement.

To make informed decisions, understand how bathrobes are measured:

  • Belt. To achieve a comfortable fit, the belt is proportional to the waist measurement.
  • Sleeves. This measurement is taken from the shoulder seam to the sleeve cuff. A comfortable sleeve is generous but not cumbersome.
  • Bust. The bust is measured by the left and right flaps of the front added to the back in circumference. An accurate measurement is made by measuring around the body just above the beltline.
  • Length. This measurement is determined by the distance between the neck's center of the mid-collar to the hem. Our lengths run from 45 to 52 inches, depending on the style.
  • Width. The circumference of the sweep is measured at its fullest point. Our standard robes have a waist circumference of approximately 60 inches. The circumference of our extra-large robes runs about 65 inches. Consider the size of the overlap that you prefer when sizing the waist and the bust.
Adjustable belt loops are vital for the best fit. Two rows of loops enable wearers to adjust to their height and build. Invest time in providing robes that fit a wide range of guests. By offering ways to achieve the perfect fit, you show a high level of concern for the individual client. In the pursuit of excellence for each customer, turn to the experts of Monarch Cypress. We offer premium bathrobes used in four and five-star hotels and spas. With a rich variety of fabrics and styles, we offer premium choices for everyone in your family. Our prices are so affordable that they allow you to choose several to meet your needs.

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