Kimono Robes

The best Kimono bathrobes available!
Kimono Robes

Made with the highest quality materials, Kimono Robes have taken the world by storm. Elegant and beautiful yet tough and purpose built, these robes have become the de facto standard when it comes to owning a piece of wearable luxury.

A kimono is a traditional Japanese style robe. They are cut in such a way that they can fit any body type. They also come in a wide variety of lengths, but most go from below the knee and can reach the ankles. Anyone from the smallest child to a sumo wrestler can rock a kimono which further increases its universal appeal.

What most people donít know is that the kimono has been around for over 1000 years. That statement says more than you could imagine. For the Japanese and other Asian nations, the kimono was regarded as the perfect garment. Even though they are only worn for traditional ceremonies and special events these days, the Kimono Robes live on to this day.

Our selection of Kimono Robes are naturally inspired by the traditional kimono, but with many added modern touches. The robes are specifically built to offer increased room so that youíll never have to think about it as you relax. Features like reinforced shoulder areas and wide sashes further enhance the design.

With choices like microfiber, terry/velour and lightweight waffle fabrics to choose from, thereís no such thing as picking the wrong material for your Kimono Robe. In particular, the Terry/Velour Robe is fantastic due to its silky feeling interior. And letís not forget the main reasons for owning this robe - warmth and comfort. The style of this robe provides plenty of protection against a cold winter day. Plus, our Kimono Robes are quite affordable, allowing you to treat yourself while staying within your budget.