Hooded Kimono Robes

Hooded Kimono Robes

Hooded robes offer the ultimate in both warmth and comfort. Wrap yourself up, pull the hood over your head and you may find yourself feeling so at home and comfortable that you decide to just enjoy the day lounging in your hooded robe.

Thatís how good our range of Hooded Kimono Robes can make you feel. One of our favorites, the Hooded Sweatshirt Robe, defines what true comfort means when you put on a robe.

This robe is created from our highest quality sweatshirt material. An extremely durable construction process means that this robe will not only become your go-to loungewear, it will be around for a long time!.

Designed as a modern twist to the traditional kimono, our Sweatshirt Robe will fit nearly any person with room to spare. Two front hip pockets add to the convenience of the robe. Youíll find that the adjustable belt loops are a fantastic touch, allowing for the perfect fit as you lounge around the spa, hotel room or home.

For additional warmth in a kimono style, try our Velour Terry Hooded Robe. Made with our softest heavyweight cotton, this 14 ounce robe will make you feel as if youíve been wrapped in a thick, silk-lined robe.

For maximum comfort and warmth, nothing beats our 16 ounce Terry Hooded Robe. It features the same kimono style that our customers love, with the added touch of heavyweight cotton terry material. Built to last, this robe will give you years of comfort wash after wash. Big comfortable pockets and a lined hood complete your transition to being in a comfy paradise.
The accented rolls up cuffs are the icing on the cake, and blend in smoothly with the stitched piping on the rest of the robe.

Plus, we offer many monogram styles to personalize your Hooded Kimono Robe for yourself or for giving as a gift.

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