Know These Tips To Get The Best Bathrobe

Best Bathrobe
Bathrobes are the best way to relax and to end your night. But wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you could lounge and relax in the perfect bathrobe for you? If you’re in search of maybe a new bathrobe or you just want to have a few more so you can switch it up a bit you’ve come to the right place. What should you be looking for in a quality bathrobe? Patterns? Print? Design? Monarch Cypress Online is here to help YOU find the bathrobe perfect for YOU.

Things to consider when looking for the BEST bathrobe


We all have different budgets when it comes to choosing an item of clothing, bathrobes included too. Bathrobe prices come in all ranges. Some could be in the more affordable range while some could lean towards the expensive range. Make sure to have a budget that works for you. If you’re thinking about getting a bathrobe to use on a daily basis maybe find a bathrobe that fits in the more affordable price range. But, if you’re thinking about using your bathrobe for certain occasions, for example, it was a stressful day and you just want to unwind, maybe a bathrobe with a higher price point might be the way to go. Remember, it’s your choice on how and when you want to use your bathrobe. Our robes were designed to be durable and comfortable no matter the price point - don’t feel pressured and take your time on choosing a robe.


Once you’ve found the perfect budget, think about the style you want. Always remember, there are different styles of robes that fit a variety of people. Every different style of robe uses different quantities of materials. Here are some examples:
  • Chamois - Five times more absorbent than cotton and lightweight
  • Hooded - Extremely durable and made with soft heavyweight cotton
  • Kimono - Traditional Japanese style robe and a wide variety of lengths

Fit & Fabric

Choosing a robe that will become your go-to companion takes a lot of consideration. Finding the right fit and fabric should be important too. For example, if you need a bathrobe that’s easy to move around in you might want to consider a looser fit. Consider the fabric used to make the robe. Every fabric has different traits and qualities and this may be the confusing part, so here’s a breakdown:
  • Terry - cotton-based material
  • Microfiber - super-absorbent with insulation properties
  • Waffle - textured fabric made out of fresh cotton or poly-cotton waffle piques
  • Seersucker - light, breathable, and durable bunched fabric
  • Chamois - absorbent fabric and soft to the touch


We know it takes a lot of time and dedication when it comes to choosing the right bathrobe. Take your time in choosing and don’t feel rushed into choosing a robe. Once you’ve figured out your price, style, fit, and fabric you’re ready to move to the next step. Monarch Cypress Online has different types of robes that you might be looking for.

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