Chamois Robes

Chosen by many of the finest 4 star hotels in the country.
Chamois Robes

Chosen by many of the best 4-star hotels in the country, Chamois microfiber robes are an astonishing technological achievement. They are light but warm, soft like flannel and five times more absorbent than cotton. In addition, they are practically indestructible and use a third of the energy to dry. Simply the perfect robe.

Dropped shoulders, generous trail pockets, single needle construction, long sleeves that can be folded up, double belt loops and below the knee, Chamois Robes are available in white, charcoal, and ecru colors.

The dreamiest robe to put on post-shower or over pjs in the winter. It is lightweight but still absorbent, and so, so soft. All our clients praise these bath robes, which help them dry off faster after showering than any other they have used.

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