Reasons To Trust Us With Your Bathrobe Needs

Classy Bathrobe Styles

While buying clothing is usually not a big ordeal, investing in a bathrobe can be significant. A bathroom is a one-of-a-kind clothing item in which you will dry yourself off and remain comfortable after your evening routine.

Monarch Cypress stands out in the bathrobe market because they offer the one-of-a-kind fusion between a sweatshirt and a bathrobe, the sweatshirt bathrobe.

This one-of-a-kind item proves that monarch cypress is an innovative company that should garner your trust in deciding which bathrobe to purchase next. The company excels in providing the following:

  • Customer Service
  • Top Notch Products
  • Variety

These critical qualities and company transparency create a brand worth looking into when purchasing a bathrobe.

Customer Service

Monarch Cypress is committed to providing customers with the very best service possible. The company website offers customers direct contact through email for free help at any time of the day. The website also provides a number for the company call center, open from 10 am - 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.

While lines may be busier than others, the company has stated its policy is to respond within two days of the phone call.

The company website also boasts links to track orders or look into any sort of rates on shipping. The exact page has a United States map showing which regions will ship items quicker than others, with estimated transit per state or area.

Monarch Cypress has demonstrated a history of putting the customer first. It should be no surprise that customers have found great satisfaction in their products.

Top Notch Products

On top of the company's commitment to high-quality customer service, Monarch Cypress also provides top-notch products.

Monarch cypress has a unique item that is a cross between a hooded sweatshirt and a comfy bathrobe. The sweatshirt bathrobe, as it's called, is a delightful product consisting of 60% cotton and 40% polyester material. This sweatshirt bathrobe is an incredibly comfortable item that combines the convenient shape of a hoodie with a post-bathroom staple.

The sweatshirt bathrobe costs $65 on the Monarch Cypress website and features customizable options for size and color.

Beyond their unique sweatshirt bathrobe, The company also provides a bevy of bedding, hooded kimonos, and towel ware for customers to look into.


Monarch Cypress excels at providing customers with their products in a unique way fit for them. Their clothing items come in multiple sizes, and their sweatshirt bathrobes may be engraved with a monogram of your choosing.

Monogram fonts include the following options:

  • Block
  • Script
  • Serif
  • Diamond
  • Formal
  • Crayon

Personalized engraving options will be put on the left side of the robe. These monogram options put a level of sophistication, sophistication, and specificity onto your robe unique to Monarch Cypress.

About Monarch Cypress

Monarch Cypress has been around for over 40 years in the sleep ancestry accessory business and offers a variety of towels, bathrobes, and linens for your leisure. The company has made it its goal to put the customer first and provide the best service there is for linen shopping.

The company has received the title of “Favorite Spa Robe Manufacturer” from American Spa Magazine three consecutive years in a row.


Different people want different things from their bathrobe suppliers. Fortunately, Monarch Cypress excels in all aspects of the business and can be trusted for your bathroom needs.

The company's unique sweatshirt bathrobe is sure to be an excellent option for anyone needing new evening wear.


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