How to Choose the Right Spa Robes for the Ultimate Luxury Experience

Right Spa Robes
When it comes to luxury, a comfortable bathrobe is one of the best things to have when you go to a spa. Although, you can’t have just any bathrobe. Finding the right spa robe is a challenge that someone must go through for the ultimate luxury experience. Here are some tips on how to find your perfect robe.

Find the Right Material

Below are five common materials that you will see used in a bathrobe. -Chamois- soft, moisture absorbing and warm -Terry- towel material made of cotton -Velour- comfortable and lush -Seersucker- thin, bunching material used for a cooling sensation -Waffle- a gentle and breathable material Each material has a different feel and different qualities as well as pros and cons. For example, the waffle material would be convenient for someone who wants something that they feel as though their skin can breathe, while the terry material would be for someone who wants their robe to dry them off easily.

Find the Right Design

While generally, all bathrobes are going to use the kimono style, there are different variables to consider that come along with the robe. For example, there is the collared style and the hooded style.

Hooded Robes

These styles are made with a hood attached to the collar of the robe. They are useful for drying wet hair or simply just covering the hair.

Collar Robes

Like the hooded robe, these particular garments also have the collar, but not the hood. The collar can be used for comfort or even for style. Deciding whether you want a hooded robe, a collared robe or neither is an important decision in finding the best robe for your ultimate spa experience. One must take into account what spa experiences they will be undergoing and which design would best suit their needs and accommodate whichever spa experiences they will be having.

What’s Your Price Range?

As with anything, you typically get what you pay for with bathrobes. Although, this does not mean you need to get the absolute most expensive one that is available. Do your research and decide how much you would like to spend. Once you find a robe in your price range, read the reviews as well as the descriptions and details about the material and design. The Strategist made an article from asking 25 women what their favorite bathrobe was.

Cloud Loom Organic Robe by Coyuchi

Not only is this robe made of environmentally friendly fabrics, but is comfortable and cozy, especially when putting it on in the winter. It is also said to assist in the drying process after a long shower or a dip in the pool or hot tub.

Snowe Bathrobe

This robe is said to be hypoallergenic and quick drying as well. It is also said to be four times as durable as a normal everyday bath towel, making it that much more appealing.

Parachute Classic Bathrobe

This particular robe is noted to be thin, yet somehow incredibly warm. If you want something to warm you up without being too terribly thick and bulky, this robe should be your go-to. When it comes to finding the best bathrobe for your ultimate luxury spa experience, take these tips into consideration. You would want to take into account all variables to ensure that the bathrobe you select is the most appropriate for whichever spa services you will be undergoing.

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