How to Choose the Best Monogrammed Bathrobes for Gifts

Monogrammed Bathrobes for Gifts
Monogrammed bathrobes are the perfect gift for the holidays. They’re also thoughtful presents for a birthday, anniversary, or housewarming. But with all of the choices out there, how do you know which one to choose? Rest assured that we have you covered, right here at Monarch Cypress Online. With a variety of monograms and sizes available, you can find the perfect bathrobe for anyone on your list. No matter what their style is or who they are, we guarantee that you'll find something they'll love here! From robes with hoods to stylish silk robes, this article will help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Why Buy a Monogrammed Bathrobe?

Every gift should say a little something about the person receiving it. One way to accomplish that is with a monogram. And what's so special about a bathrobe, you ask? Well for starters, when you pick out one of our bathrobes, the recipient knows that you thought about the gift carefully and chose it specifically just for them. Basically, if you give a monogrammed robe, you know the person who’s receiving it will truly appreciate the time and meaning you took in personalizing something just for them.

Choosing the Right Robe for Your Loved One

There are several things to consider when choosing a bathrobe that is monogrammed:
  • Each monogram can be personalized.
  • There are multiple options to choose from
What's important is that you find one that suits your specific style and personality. If you want a monogram that's easy to read, check out one of the traditional designs or the more playful monograms. Traditional designs tend to be simple, while informal and modern monograms are a little more colorful.

How To Pick the Perfect Size

Not all robes are made the same. This may be obvious, but if you don't know what a variety of sizes look like, you could easily be giving the wrong size for your friend. Make sure you know which sizes are available before you begin to shop.

Monograms and Colors

Whether you're shopping for a teenage boy or your spouse, the first thing to think about is the color of their room. If you're buying for someone who's not necessarily into a pattern, the traditional monogram, or a small, subtle graphic design, consider simple colors. This is a great option when shopping for kids and toddler’s bathrobes. We like to look for monogram designs in gray, cream, and brown for guys and peach and lavender for girls. Some popular monogram colors include white, navy, beige, grey, and gray. If you know the color of the room, the next thing you want to consider is the size of the fabric, which can be an important factor for larger bathrobes, since some people don't have much room for extra fabric.

Cuff Length vs. Nape Length

Some people like their robes longer, while others have short or even average napes. While a long bathrobe will cover all of the napes, a short bathrobe will leave most of the nape exposed.

Why Monarch Cypress Online Is Your Best Choice for the Perfect Monogrammed Bathrobes

The name “Monarch Cypress Online” comes with a lot of prestige behind it. This bathrobe company is a household name when it comes to bathrobes. We have been making quality bathrobes since 1981, and we are recognized as one of the most trusted sources for bathrobes in the United States. Monarch Cypress Online is a company that cares deeply about every single one of its customers. You can choose from some of the most beautiful monogram designs.

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