3 Warmest Bathrobes of 2022 To Keep You Cozy This Winter

warm robe for winter: Monarch Cypress

Wrapping yourself in a cozy, ultra-push robe is a great feeling, especially after a chaotic day. Since comfort is critical, you’ll want to consider the design, quality, and material when shopping for a bathrobe. However, with the many options to choose from, sometimes finding a warm bathrobe you love against your skin is daunting.

To help you find the perfect bathrobe to keep you cozy this winter, we’ve tested different brands based on design, comfort, durability, washability, and more.

We’ve also reviewed the best picks from notable retailers to ensure we tip you on the warmest bathrobes you’ll love to lounge in.

Based on extensive research and home tests we’ve done, our top picks are:

● Alexander Del Rossa Bath Robes for Women

● NY Threads Luxurious Men's Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe

● Amazon Brand – Pinzon Unisex Terry Bathrobe

Let’s take a closer look at the pros of each of these bathrobes to help you find the one that best suits yours needs to cozy up this winter.

Microfiber Shawl Lined in Plush Robe for Men & Women

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and just feel like everything's been taken care of? That’s because these luxurious microfiber robes are made with the best materials, which means they'll be soft yet durable on your skin. And what better than having something so amazing serve as not only an extra layer during winter months or if someone spills wine all over them (let alone two people), this lightweight fabric can easily get cleaned in between uses thanks to its quick-drying design!

The outside Microfiber Shawl Lined in Plush has a soft yet durable peached fabric to provide you with ultimate comfort while also being very stylish!

Made with an interior layer of plush super soft 100% poly microfiber, this garment will keep you warm but also comfortable as it provides extra coverage. One size fits most so there's no need to worry about being too big/small; all sizes are available in stock online right now through our website. This warm robe for winter is available in white, black, charcoal, natural, navy, pink, or periwinkle. It is also available in different sizes from X-small to 2XL.


● Full length
● Double belt loops
● Soft, plush fleece material
● Variety of colors and sizes


● Baggy sleeves for some

NY Threads Luxurious Men's Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe

NY Threads Luxurious Men's Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe is a great choice if you’re into thick, lightweight, towel-like robes. This robe is best for lounging, and it’s super soft and made from 100% polyester. The robe is light, making it an excellent pick if you want to relax in it all day long. You can easily roll out of bed and keep warm in it post-shower.

The bathrobe has two front pockets to store your phone and features a removable tie belt for a secure fit. You may fancy its pile and nap effect, especially if you wear it throughout the day. This effect gives the robe varying shades under different light sources.

However, one of the main drawbacks of this robe is that it’s only available in small-medium and large-X-large sizes.


● Big collars and cuffs
● Soft and lightweight
● Cozy and breathable
● Available in 7 colors

Amazon Brand – Pinzon Unisex Terry Bathrobe

Amazon Brand – Pinzon Unisex Terry Bathrobe earns a spot in this list for its luxurious spa-like comfort. The 100% cotton provides maximum comfort and strength. Its zero-twist cotton fibers guarantee a supremely soft feel. It’s a perfect choice to wear every other day since it’s highly absorbent and quick drying.

This robe only weighs 360 grams per square meter, making it light to wear at home or away. If you want to avoid bulkiness, then the Amazon Brand – Pinzon Unisex Terry Bathrobe won’t disappoint.

The robe is durable; even after multiple washing cycles, it maintains its original, new look and feel. This unisex bathrobe is versatile enough to be shared and, sometimes, fought over.

Perhaps the only issue with this robe is that it comes in two colors, marine, and platinum. You might consider the above robes designed to be oversized if you’re looking for a tighter fit.


● 100% Cotton
● Soft and fluffy
● Highly absorbent and quick drying


● Only available in Large-X-Large sizes

What To Look For in a Bathrobe

With these top picks, one of these warm and cozy bathrobes will keep you warm this winter. When choosing a suitable bathrobe for your needs, consider the intended use. For instance, different fabrics will suit varying uses. If you want to lounge and wear the bathrobe all day long, you may have to settle for a fabric that feels lighter on your body. In this case, a cotton or polyester fabric is a great choice.

The bathrobe’s design is worth considering, especially if you’re looking for something stylish. Trending options that will impress you include hooded and shawl collar bathrobes. These robes provide comfort and warmth.

What’s more, the length of the bathrobe matters a great deal. For more warmth, you’ll have to settle for a longer bathrobe. Before you buy any robe, you should measure your height to ensure you pick the right size.


Based on comfort, design, durability, and washability research, the three bathrobes featured in this post will ensure you feel like you’re drowning in luxury. These robes also have exceptional reviews, so choosing any of them will ensure you don’t compromise your luxury.


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