A Guide to Pick the Perfect Monogrammed Bathrobe for Your Christmas Gift

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Some people love bathrobes because of their comfort, material, and overall design. You may know someone who seeks the warm embrace of a bathrobe after a long day and hot bath; if so, consider buying them monogrammed bathrobes for Christmas. First, let’s look at what to look for to buy the ideal option.

Embroidery Types

First, there are different embroidery types, so you must see what options there are. For example, you’ll see fantastic embroidery types, such as serif, formal, and diamond. Serif has standard and easy-to-read lettering to make it easy to see who owns it.

You could wear formal embroidery if you want it to look nice and fancy. Some people prefer the cursive design, so try to figure out what your friend or family likes. You can also go with a diamond if you want a unique design with a recognizable shape.

You can also try out block, script, and crayon, so you have plenty of options to make different people happy.

Thread Colors

Once you know what embroidery type you want, you should consider thread colors. Thread colors matter since you want something that stands out, a person likes, and doesn’t get lost in the monogrammed robes.

For example, you may not want to wear a light color if you have a white robe. You should also consider the person’s favorite color to pick an option that matches monogrammed waffle robes or anything else you plan to use.

You should do your best to check the threads available ahead of time. Doing so will help you pick suitable options and find something you think the receiver will enjoy.

Initials vs. Names

As you look into monogrammed bathrobes, you’ll notice you have two types to consider: initials and names. Some styles let you put two or three letters on the robe to represent the initials, while others allow you to spell out an entire name.

Initials work well since they don’t clutter the robe, while people prefer names since they make the ownership clear. Ultimately, it doesn’t make a difference, but you should consider what your recipient will like to find the ideal choice.

Some companies will only offer initials for some designs, but others may do the same with names, so double-check before you order anything.

Contact the Company

You can’t always find the information you need through the website. Sometimes, you may have a less-common question or need additional help with the process. When you run into this situation, you should contact the company.

You can identify different ways to contact companies and see what works.

  • Calling them
  • Emailing them
  • Reaching out on social media

Sometimes, you must reach out to the company by utilizing the contact information they offer. See if they have a page to provide the information or look it up on a search engine. Doing so will let you quickly get in contact and ask questions to figure out what they offer.

Final Comments

Finding ideal monogrammed bathrobes requires research, but the best options will have several font choices, thread colors, and designs to choose from. As you look into the possibilities and understand what you can get from companies, you’ll find the best bathrobe as a Christmas gift.


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