Why Is the Terry Cloth Spa Robe Popular?

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Why are terry cloth robes so popular? These robes feel like the height of luxury, but we don’t usually buy them for ourselves. It’s hard to go back to just using towels after a stay in a hotel or going to a spa. Read on to find out why terry cloth spa robes are a favorite among many.

What Is a Terry Cloth Robe?

Terry cloth is a fabric used in towels and robes. Places you may find a terry cloth robe are at a spa or a hotel. This fabric is typically cotton, but other materials can be used to make terry cloth on occasion.

Terry cloth is made by weaving cotton together and making small loops that stick out. The loops increase the surface area of the towel. Due to the larger surface area, the towel can dry you off faster than other types of towels. It also holds the moisture in instead of redistributing it.

Why Are Terry Cloth Robes So Popular?

Terry cloth spa robes are loved because they’re so comfortable. They’re very absorbent and help dry us. They bring a feeling of luxury to the user because of their use in spas. The cotton makes for soft, plush fabric and keeps us warm when drying off.

These robes also last a long time. The fabric is durable and can withstand the washer and dryer. Even when they start to break down, and it’s time to replace them, their quality will still be good while they remain comfortable.

When we treat terry cloth well, avoiding harsh chemicals and washing it properly, it will stay soft and absorbent for its entire lifespan.

How Is a Terry Cloth Robe Different From a Cotton Robe?

You may wonder how different cotton and terry cloth robes are from each other. Even though terry cloth robes are usually cotton, there is a noticeable difference between the two robe types.

While the material is the same, the texture is not. Cotton robes are flatter. Terry cloth robes are the fabric cotton is woven into to produce terry cloth.

Cotton robes are better for warm weather, though. They are lighter than terry cloth robes. Terry cloth robes are heavier and warmer than cotton robes because of the looped fabric that makes terry cloth. Cotton gets softer with each wash too.

Where Can I Get One?

If you don’t want to give up the terry cloth after a hotel stay, there are many places where you can buy them, and they are typically inexpensive. They can come in 100% cotton or blends like cotton and polyester. A lot of large retailers sell them. Alternatively, you can order them online.

These robes come in many colors, designs, and lengths. You should find a reputable seller with good reviews and a reasonable price point. You can even get personalized bath robes!

Now that you know the great reasons to get a terry cloth robe, you can decide on your next robe. They allow for better moisture absorption, a softer fabric, and a warmer robe after a shower.


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