What Is a Bathrobe and What Are the Types of Bathrobes?

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Bathrobes are a comfy joy to wear when you get out of the shower. Velvety and soft, they make great pajama alternatives.

We will explore bathrobe uses and a few different types. If you finished showering while reading this, this is even better!

What Is a Bathrobe?

A bathrobe has a dual purpose. After lightly towel drying, you can wear a bathrobe to help you dry off the rest of the way. It also makes it so you do not have to dress in daytime clothes or pajamas immediately after showering or bathing.

Bathrobes are highly absorbent so you can be comfortable and dry until you are ready to get dressed. When you are in a spa, it makes it easier for a massage therapist to work on relaxing different parts of your body one at a time without having to remove other types of bulky clothing.

Cotton, polyester, silk, terry material, and velour are some of the many fabrics the clothing industry uses to manufacture bath towels. Polyester and cotton blend is the most popular fabric choice for bathrobes.

The Types of Bathrobes

There is not just one type of bathrobe. Different bathrobes serve diverse comfort levels and features for all consumers. For hotels and spas, there are spa bathrobes, sweatshirt bathrobes, and monogrammed bathrobes.

Spa Bathrobe

A spa bathrobe is one that you wear when visiting a hotel or spa. After finishing a shower, relaxing in a spa area, or receiving a massage, you can wear a bathrobe to be more comfortable after the activity. It will also make you more decent when answering the door for room service.

Kimono bathrobes are the most popular luxury robes that look much like a Japanese kimono. Reinforced shoulder areas and wide sashes, make the bathrobe more modern and convenient.

People wear waffle bathrobes primarily in tropical spas. They love the high quality and lightweight nature.

Sweatshirt Bathrobe

A sweatshirt bathrobe is made of strong sweatshirt material. A standard sweatshirt will degrade over time, but sweatshirt bathrobes will last much longer. You will feel cozy wearing one as some brands come with a hood as if you are wearing a real sweatshirt.

Manufacturers craft sweatshirt robes from a blend of cotton and polyester. Polyester accounts for 80% of synthetic fiber utilized in the clothing industry to make various garments. It is a plastic material derived from petroleum. Since polyester material does not wrinkle easily, can have stains seamlessly removed, and is lightweight, this is what makes sweatshirt bathrobes so high quality.

Cotton is an all-natural fiber that comes from the cotton plant and accounts for up to 35% of the textile market. Polyester lasts longer than cotton, which is why it is used to make clothing more often. However, making a cotton and polyester blend helps garments such as bathrobes to be softer and more comfortable.

Monogrammed Bathrobe

Monogrammed bathrobes are customized with a full first name or a person's initials. They may be placed on either side of the chest area to differentiate which bathrobe is whose. You can choose any type of bathrobe that you like to have monogrammed.

Give monogrammed bathrobes as a gift for a friend or loved one. You may want one for yourself to add luxury to your bathroom or your travel experience.

Final Thoughts

Bathrobes are not cookie-cutter garments. Each has its different features that make them unique. Grab a robe and get comfy today!


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