Which Bath Towels Are The Best For Your Body?

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The warm, cozy feeling of wrapping a good towel around yourself after stepping out of a bath or shower into the brisk air is nearly unmatched.

Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t hit precisely right unless you have a good, high-quality towel with you, and the damage that a rough towel can do to your skin shouldn’t be ignored.

So, what now? How do you find the best towel for your body?

That’s what we’ll help you with today! We’ll give you some insight into what type of towel could fit your body best.

But first, we need to ask you a question.

What do you prefer?

There are usually two types of preferences when shopping for a new towel.

  1. People who prefer a soft, ultra-absorbent towel.
  • Then people who prefer a quick to dry, durable towel.

No matter which camp you find yourself in, there are some good options for sure.

If you’re in the latter camp, you should be looking at a 100 percent cotton towel with dense, lush loops of yarn. These towels should also have a good weight, which you spot by looking at their GSM. Anything around or over is considered pretty heavy. As such, they’ll typically be very lush.

Now, if you’re in the second camp and want something durable and quick to dry, you need something like a cotton-poly blend or a light fabric. These towels will also ideally have short loops– longer ones may be damaged after a lot of drying.

So to sum that all up, if you’re looking for something that’s best for your body, your best bet is a cotton towel. But now that problem becomes…

Which type of cotton?

Once again, there are two types that we’ll be looking at.

  1. Turkish cotton.
  • Egyptian cotton.

These are known for creating plush, high-absorbency towels, and both are made of long-staple fibers. That gives them a softer and more durable quality. However, Turkish cotton is the more popular of the two for creating bath towels, and it has been known to dry faster than its counterpart.

The only problem with these lush towels is that they produce a pretty annoying amount of fibers. So to prevent those from coming off on you, it’s a good idea to wash them a few times before use.

With that done, you should be good to go! High-quality cotton towels won’t let you down, and they’re almost certainly the best for your body with their soft, plush nature. Plus, with proper care, they can last you a long, long time. So there’s really no losing.

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