Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Sweatshirt Bathrobe

Perfect Summer Bathrobe

As you’re looking into purchasing a sweatshirt bathrobe, you’re either leaning towards buying one, or you’re unsure if it’s worth it. In either case, there are certainly some things that you should be aware of to help make your decision.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to go far for those things. We have you covered.

We may be a little biased, but we want you to be happy with your decision at the end of the day, so we’ll do our best to subdue that bias here. Does that sound fair?

If so, let’s go ahead and hop into some things you should consider!

Start by viewing it as a normal robe…

You don’t want to look at it as something completely independent from a standard robe because it’s really not. Instead, we’d suggest putting it under the same scrutiny that you would anything else!

Consider all things such as material, quality, size, length and details.

  • Material & Quality. Like a normal robe, you want to ensure the material and quality are up to your standard. At Monarch Cypress, our unique hooded robe is made out of the higher quality sweatshirt material that doesn’t pill or fall apart. (60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester)
  • Details, Size & Length. Ourhooded sweatshirt robe is detailed with piping on the facing, pockets and cuffs. Then other details like adjustable belt loops for flexible belt height, patch front hip pockets, roll-up cuffs and a hanger loop for easy storage! The overall length falls around 48 inches!

If you’re shopping for another sweatshirt robe, and the details or quality are unclear, you may want to do one more thing before completely writing it off your list.

Check the reviews.

It can be difficult to trust a business. We understand that. That’s why one of the best things that you can do when shopping online is check as many reviews as possible. That will help you get more details about the product from other people that are just shopping.

Plus, the reviews will either back up the claims of the business or not. There’s hardly an in-between scenario.

So as you look over the reviews on the robe, look for things having to do with the actual product. Those are the reviews that will really shed some light on the product as a whole.


Think about how you’ll use it!

This is the last thing you should do. Take a moment to visualize how you’ll use the product. See yourself waking up and throwing it on or maybe only putting it on at night as a reward!

No matter how you want to use it, just make sure that you don’t see any issues with that application, and you should be good to go!

If you’re ready to order your own sweatshirt bathrobe, there’s only one place to go, Monarch Cypress. Check out our sweatshirt bathrobe now!


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