Transform Your Home Into a Luxurious Day Spa: 5 Must-Have Products

Luxurious Day Spa

Spending time at home doesn’t have to feel basic or boring. When you have the right accessories, a low-key day at home can make you feel more relaxed than spending money at an exclusive day spa. Check out everything Monarch Cypress offers to understand how comfortable you can feel without leaving your house.

Whether you’re looking for a spa bathrobe for men or a spa robe for women, these five products will elevate any day into an at-home spa day.

Spa Bathrobe

You don’t need to leave your home for a spa experience. Buy a Monarch Cypress spa bathrobe to wear in the comfort of your home and elevate your lazy day into hours of self-care.

These robes are plush and soft; you can choose absorbent materials to help you dry off after a bath or shower. While they deliver comfort above all else, they also include secure belt closures to give you privacy regardless of who’s around.

These robes are so comfortable that many people wear them after a swim, giving their muscles a chance to relax while the plush robe dries their skin.

Spa robes are thicker and warmer than standard robes because their design depends on delivering maximum comfort. They’ll cover as much of your body as you need, depending on the style you purchase. Whether you want to dry off after a bath or lounge modestly, a spa bathrobe will give you everything you need.

Monogrammed Robes

Monogrammed robes help you stand out from the crowd—or, in the case of at-home spa days, ensure that no other family member tries to sport your cushy robe as their own. When you order a robe from Monarch Cypress, you can add embroidered initials to ensure no laundry mix-up with your robes.

Choose from several unique embroidery styles, including serif, formal, diamond, block, and script initials. You can also customize the thread colors to best complement your robe color or showcase your personal style.

Hooded Kimono

Hooded kimono robes are the height of luxury. You’ll forget you’re at home when wrapped in this comfortable option. While robes cover your shoulders, torso, and thighs, hooded kimonos provide even more coverage by allowing you to cover your head.

These expansive robes use high-quality sweatshirt material to make lounging cozy, and an indulgent desire. They all include two front hip pockets so you can keep your personal objects close at hand. There’s a cushy belt you can cinch tightly, with adjustable belt loops around the waist.

If you want to level up from a hooded kimono, consider the velour terry hooded robe. You’ll feel a silky lining against your skin with a comfortable hood blocking out unwanted noise.

All robes include roll-up cuffs that blend in with the stitched piping of the robe. You’ll look and feel amazing in this option, whether you pull the hood up over your head for additional warmth or wear it tucked back against your shoulders. Monogram your selection for even more style and personalization.

Terry Cloth Spa Robe

When you want a comfortable robe that’s thick and cushy, a terry cloth spa plus-size robe will meet your comfort needs. Though these robes provide the same warmth and comfort as any other Monarch Cypress robe, they weigh half as much, making them feel like a dream on your skin.

These robes are 100% cotton, making the surface smoother than you can imagine. They include a strong Velcro closure at the front to ensure privacy. If you need to bring your phone or other personal belongings from room to room, you can use the generously sized front pocket for each transportation.

These robes have adjustable belts to fit almost any size person without issue. The men’s wraps go from waist to knee, while women’s span from chest to knee.

Plus Size Waffle Robe

If you love waffle fabric, you’ll appreciate that the Monarch Cypress options include a lightweight robe and a lined option.

The lightweight robes dry you off when you leave the bath, shower, hot tub, pool, or sauna. Since they’re so light, you won’t sweat after wrapping it around your body. These robes include a secure belt for privacy, plus two spacious pockets to protect your personal items.

The lined robes come in several different options. You can choose a diamond or square waffle pattern or a waffle robe spa robe for men. There’s also a seersucker shawl robe for style and comfort.

Final Thoughts on Your At-Home Spa Day

When you’re pampering yourself at home, there’s no need to cut corners—instead, indulge in the experience alone or with a loved one—you deserve to be pampered. Spoil yourself with all the luxury possible with the best spa bathrobe from Monarch Cypress. You—and your skin—deserve the finest materials, so choose from lined waffle weave robes, absorbent microfiber chamois robes, and anything in between.


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