What Is the Best Color for Your Terry Cloth Towels?

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Something is exciting about moving into a new place and buying all new furniture, linens, and decorations. Even if you're not moving but are looking to upgrade your home, something as simple as getting new terry cloth towels can help.

If you're considering purchasing new terry cloth towels, the color choice is a little bit more important than you might think. While you might not care too much, the color can set the tone for your entire bathroom or whatever room they're in and make keeping them clean easier or harder. So, what's the best color for your terry cloth towels?

What Are Terry Cloth Towels?

Terry cloth towels are just towels that manufacturers make from a terry cloth fabric. The specific cloth has loops on both sides, making it super soft and absorbent. Terry cloth is usually made from cotton or a cotton blend.

The best part about terry cloth towels is that they come in various sizes and are used in bathrooms, spas, gyms, and wherever you want to use them. They come in sizes that act like wash clothes, hand towels, body towels, and everything in between.

They're some of the best towels in your home because they're softer than traditional towels and can absorb more water than some other fabric blends.

The Best Color for Terry Cloth Towels

Terry cloth towels come in almost every color, but that doesn't mean they're all great or the best. What you think is the best and what someone else thinks is the best might differ, but there's one color that universally, most people will agree, is the best color for terry cloth towels, white.


White terry cloth towels are the best and, therefore, the most popular color for people to buy. This is because white is classic and will never go out of style, regardless of the color scheme or theme of the room you're placing the towels in.

Choosing white terry cloth also looks extremely elegant. You'll almost exclusively see white towels when you arrive at a hotel or spa. The reason is that they exude luxury, even if they're not the highest quality towels of the nicest hotel or spa.

You can easily switch up the decor and paint in your bathroom without purchasing new terry cloth towels if you choose to go with white, which will save you money in the long run, and honestly, white towels just look the best.

The only downside to having white terry cloth towels is that you need to remember to bleach them when you wash them and not to use them to wipe makeup and other products that can cause discoloration of the towels.

Other Colors for Terry Cloth Towels

Even though white is the best color for your terry cloth towels, that doesn't mean other colors aren't great options for you to think about. If you're not sold on getting white terry cloth towels or are worried that you won't be able to keep their pearly white shade, these are some other great colors you might want to consider.


Gray is another great color for terry cloth towels. You can choose from various shades of gray to match your bathroom. Lighter grays tend to be favored because they're closer to white, and while they don't look as dirty when used, they still have an elegance. Darker grays are also beautiful but aren't nearly as popular.


Next, there are navy terry cloth towels. These look beautiful in most bathrooms and are best when you pair them with brighter bathroom decor, like a white shower curtain and even a yellow one. A great thing about getting navy terry cloth towels is that if makeup gets on them or you use them to wipe a non-clear liquid up, it's less likely to stain and discolor the towel.


Most people think beige is boring, but when buying terry cloth towels, beige is a great color to choose. It's another color that can pair well with any bathroom and almost any color you choose to use. It looks great with whites, warmer tones, and Earth tones. It can still discolor if you don't wash it regularly or after getting something dark on it.

Light Blue

If you want blue in your bathroom but aren't sold on going with something as dark as navy, light blue is one of the best terry cloth towel colors. If you're going with a beach theme, then light blue will look stunning in the bathroom on the towel racks or in piles next to the sink, ready for people to dry their hands.


A earthy green can be a little much, depending on how you use it, but sage is a beautiful, muted green color that can complement any bathroom color scheme or be the "pop" of color that your bathroom desperately needs. This pastel tone doesn't stain easily and looks great with white, beige, and other light tones in a bathroom.

Pastel Yellow

Lastly, a nice, pastel yellow terry cloth towel is one of the best colors. This light hue allows you to incorporate color into your bathroom or other room without it being too overpowering. Matching this color with specific decor or themes is harder but not impossible. Like with white terry cloth towels, you will need to be wary about staining and discoloration with this color.

Final Thoughts

Terry cloth towels are soft and absorbent and make the perfect additional to your home bathroom. The best color for terry cloth towels tends to be a neutral white because they're elegant and can easily match any theme or color scheme you have planned.

There are a few other color options that look great for terry cloth towels, but white is the way to go if you want something genuinely timeless. As long as you take the time to think about which color will suit your home best, there isn’t a color you can go wrong with, per say.


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