The Ultimate Guide to Plus-Size Bathrobes To Wear Right After Showers

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There are few things more disappointing than finding a piece of clothing you love only to realize it isn’t in your size. As such, shopping for comfortable plus-size clothing can be challenging. Fortunately, in recent years, more brands have begun to offer larger sizes.

So if you’re a plus-sized person looking for a bathrobe to keep you warm, you have come to the right place. Here’s our complete guide to buying plus-size bathrobes!

What Types of Robes Come in Plus-Size?

There are many types of comfortable bathrobes that you can find in plus sizes. Moreover, our selection of plus-size bathrobes features different high-quality materials that ensure the utmost comfort and longevity.

If you see a smaller-size bathrobe that you like, it will typically be available in plus size as well. The following are examples of the types of bathrobes we have in our selection:

  • Plus-size waffle robes
  • Plus-size kimono robes
  • Plus-size Chamois robes

So regardless of your style, there should be at least one bathrobe that will look good on you and fit comfortably.

What Plus Sizes Are Bathrobes Available In?

The range of sizes you can find in bathrobes may vary depending on the brand.

Monarch Cypress offers plus-size bathrobes up to size 4X. So if you are looking for plus-size robes 4X and under, our product listing may have something for you!

How To Care for Your Plus-Size Bathrobes

Regardless of the size, taking care of your bathrobes is the best way to ensure they last a long time. Washing them regularly can help them stay clean and soft, too.

Unless it is visibly dirty, it is best to wash your bathrobe every three uses. Washing your bathrobe too often can cause the fabric to wear out much more quickly. Washing them too sparsely, on the other hand, can make them a breeding ground for bacteria. So be sure to only wash your bathrobe when necessary.

How you wash your bathrobe makes a difference, too. We recommend washing bathrobes with mild detergent and drying them on low heat with dryer sheets to avoid damage or static.

And when you aren’t using your bathrobe, make sure to hang it up on a hook. Hanging your bathrobes can allow them to dry properly and avoid wrinkling.

When To Wear Your Plus-Size Bathrobes

There are many occasions where it’s appropriate to wear a bathrobe. A few situations where you can wear this cozy garment include:

  • After a bath or shower
  • On top of pajamas for extra warmth
  • Lounging around the house
  • While doing your skincare routine or makeup
  • After going for a swim


Everyone deserves a bathrobe that fits them comfortably, which is why it’s so important to have several options for plus-size bathrobes. So if you’re looking for plus-size robes up to 4X, check out the bathrobes we have available. You can find plus-size waffle robes, plus-size kimono robes, and more.


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