How To Select the Correct Bathrobe Size for You

How To Select the Correct Bathrobe Size for You

A well-fitted bathrobe elevates your lounging experience and ensures you feel comfy anytime you put it on. As a comfort garment, your robe should never feel too snug or too loose. To find the perfect size, you’ll have to review the sizing chart, consider the material, and know when you’ll wear the garment. Read on for details on how to select the correct bathrobe size.

Read Through Sizing Charts

Some robe manufacturers sell only one-size-fits-most (OSFM) robes to accommodate various body sizes and shapes with a single bathrobe. These robes typically have a looser fit and adjustable features like belts or ties. While convenient, OSFM robes may not provide a tailored fit, so consider your preferences before choosing this option.

Other robe makers have bathrobes for men and women or offer sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. For example, men’s robes usually have broader shoulders and longer sleeves than bathrobes designed for women.

Knowing Your Measurements

To ensure you get the right size, measure:

  • At the fullest part of your chest
  • Your waist at the narrowest point and hips at the widest
  • The length from your shoulder to the desired hemline

When measuring yourself, the measuring tape should wrap around your body but never feel snug. As you measure your chest, you should easily be able to take a deep breath without moving the measuring tape.

Consider Robe Material

When selecting a bathrobe, the material significantly impacts comfort and sizing. Different fabrics offer varying warmth, absorbency, and stretch levels, influencing how a robe fits and feels. Common bathrobe materials include cotton, microfiber, and waffle knit.

Cotton bathrobes are popular because of their breathability and softness. They are highly absorbent, making them ideal for post-shower use. However, cotton robes may shrink slightly after washing, so consider this when choosing your size.

Materials such as microfiber or waffle-knit offer a smoother and more lightweight option, perfect for warmer weather or lounging around the house. These materials usually don’t shrink in the wash, so you can follow your normal size when purchasing.

Pro Tip

If the listed measurement for the cotton robe closely aligns with your body size and isn’t pre-shrunk, go up one size.

When You’ll Wear the Robe

One of the most important tips for selecting the correct bathrobe size is to consider when you’ll wear it. If you plan on lounging in your robe any time of day and will even wear it over pajamas or other clothes, you’ll have to modify the size you buy.

Pro Tip

Measure yourself while wearing your typical attire for an accurate idea of how the robe will fit.

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