A Quick Guide on How To Wear Your Bathrobe

A Quick Guide on How To Wear Your Bathrobe

Bathrobes are a staple in many households, providing comfort and warmth after a relaxing bath or shower. It's hard to top the comfort of wearing a plush robe as you sip on your morning cup of coffee or tea. Likewise, putting a bathrobe on after a hot shower keeps the cool air at bay. With the tips in our quick guide on wearing your bathrobe, you'll enjoy the experience even more.

Ideal Fit for Robes

A bathrobe should feel like a warm hug—snug but not too tight. The sleeves should ideally end just at your wrists, and the hem shouldn't be a trip hazard as you walk around. Ideally, the bottom of your robe should come mid-way down your calf.

The fit also depends on whether you plan to wear apparel underneath your robe. If you like to layer, consider sizing up for extra room.

Review the Sizing Chart

Most robes are one-size-fits-most, but some are generally small, medium, large, and extra-large options. Consult the sizing chart to pick the best fit for your body type. A well-fitted robe will bring out the best in your silhouette.

Tie It Shut

Most bathrobes come with a sash; knowing how to tie it correctly can make all the difference. First, locate the loops on either side of your robe and bring one side of the tie through each loop. Then, wrap the ties around your waist into a bow or knot.

If you wear your robe over clothing, you can leave it untied for a more casual look. Closing the robe will help you feel warm and comfy. 

When To Wear Your Robe

The best tip on how to wear your bathrobe is knowing when you should wear it, as a robe can be more than post-shower attire. On those days when the chill just won't leave your bones, wrapping your bathrobe over your clothes is just what you need. It's like having a personal blanket you can easily wear around the house.

You can wear your bathrobe over your clothing like a blanket to keep warm or as a cozy cover-up after bathing or while getting ready for your day. When you're in the comforts of your home, there is no wrong time to wear your robe!

Order Your Luxury Robe

Whether you're lounging around or working from home, wearing a robe keeps you cozy. Monarch Cypress offers luxury microfiber robes and options made from other high-quality materials. Indulge in lounge apparel that'll remain cozy even after countless wears and washes!


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