Helpful Tips for Buying Quality and Cost Effective Terry Cloth Spa Robe

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A soft, stylish, and comfortable terry cloth robe is perfect for a day at the spa or when lounging around your home. But with so many different options, how do you know which robe will suit you best?

Here’s what to look out for when shopping for a terry cloth spa robe.


Spa robes have three different styles. They include:


Based on the traditional Japanese garment, kimono bath robes have long, square sleeves and a relaxed collar. While still modest, they reveal the most neck and clavicle area of any robe style.


As you can guess, the main feature of this style is the hood you can use to cover your head and neck. The hood not only provides extra warmth, but you can also use it to dry your hair.

Shawl Collar

Shawl collar robes resemble the kimono but with a larger, rounded collar. They cover the upper chest area more than a kimono and have flappier, looser sleeves.

Cloth Type

Terry cloth is a fabric consisting of multiple loops of protruding thread, made by either weaving or knitting. It’s soft, warm, and absorbs water easily.

Many terry cloth robes are made from 100% cotton, but you can also find options made from a cotton/polyester blend.

Terry cloth robes are made with one of two types of cotton:

  • Low-Medium Grade – Commonly used for hotel robes, it’s the more affordable option. Low-medium grade cotton is soft, durable, and absorbent.
  • High-Grade – They offer the ultimate in softness. Egyptian, Turkish, Pima, and Sea Island are all popular examples.


While a “one-size-fits-all” robe is fine if you’re on vacation or visiting a day spa, when you’re buying a robe for personal use, make sure to get one that fits you well.

When sizing a robe, consider these two elements:

Total length – Robes range from mid-calf or ankle-length. Longer robes provide extra warmth, making them well-suited for winter. Shorter robes allow for easier mobility and are often preferred when spending time at spas and pools.

Sleeve length – Your main concern is avoiding a robe with too long sleeves because they can interfere with your ability to use your hands. At the same time, sleeves shouldn’t be too short because your arms could get cold.


Terry cloth spa robes are available in practically any color you can imagine. Additionally, you can find robes with stripes, patterns, and more.

To further personalize your robe, consider adding a monogram. You can add your initials or even fun titles like “Mom” and “Dad” or “Mr.” and “Mrs.”.

Other design elements you’ll want to consider include:

  • Pocket Shape and Size – Large, deep pockets are best if you wear your robe around the house. They can hold your phone, TV remote, and more.
  • Ties – All robes will have one belt, but if you’re concerned about privacy, look for additional inner ties.
  • Stitching – Double stitching is best because it won’t unravel when washed.

A high-quality robe will last for years, so make sure you love how it looks.

Final Thoughts

If you put in the effort to find the most practical terry cloth spa robe for your needs, you’ll get a lot of use out of it. You’ll want to consider the style, color, quality, and size – as well as the many fun personalization options. Luxury and comfort await!


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