What Is the Best Material for a Bathrobe

What Is the Best Material for a Bathrobe

Nearly all of us associate bathrobes with comfort, relaxation, and luxury. Finding the perfect robe means evaluating the material options so you can cozy up in the perfect robe that meets all of your needs. But with so many fabrics to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we've detailed the best materials for bathrobes. 

4 Common Robe Materials

Robes come in a range of materials, such as cotton, silk, and polyester. Each material has its unique characteristics and benefits. Some of the most popular robe materials include:

  • Microfiber
  • Terry
  • Waffle
  • Seersucker

These four materials are well-loved due to their comfort, absorbency, and durability. Let's take a closer look at each to help you determine the best option for your next bathrobe purchase.


Looking for a lightweight, soft, and highly absorbent bathrobe? Microfiber robes are made of ultra-fine synthetic fibers that are tightly woven together. This results in a fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch and has a luxurious feel. Microfiber robes are also quick drying, making them ideal for those who want a robe to envelope their body right after a bath or shower.


Terry cloth is a cotton fabric known for its high absorbency and softness. Its looped, woven texture allows it to absorb water quickly, making it an ideal material for bathrobes. Terry cloth robes are also lightweight and breathable, perfect for warmer climates or summer months.


Waffle robes are made from a lightweight, woven fabric that resembles the pattern of waffles. This material is quick-drying and has a unique texture. There lightweight robes are often associated with spas and high-end resorts as these places frequently use them.


The final material on our list is seersucker, a lightweight cotton fabric with a slightly wrinkled appearance. It allows for maximum breathability and is quick drying, making it a popular choice for beach or pool days. A seersucker robe will be your best friend during those scorching months if you live in a hot area. 

Consider Your Preferences

When it comes down to determining the best material for bathrobes, the ultimate winner is a matter of opinion. While some people may love the softness of microfiber, others may prefer the absorbency of terry cloth. If you're not sure what this means for you, ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I prioritize warmth or breathability?
  • What kind of fabric feels the most comfortable on my skin?
  • Do I need something highly absorbent?

Personal preferences and comfort should always be the main factors when choosing a bathrobe material. If you want a light weight yet cozy robe, shop for waffle fabric robes; they have a spa-like appearance and are soft to the touch.

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