What To Consider Before Buying Your Bathrobe

What To Consider Before Buying Your Bathrobe

We all love the cozy robes in luxury spas and resorts because the garments feel plush and absorbent. To enjoy that comfort at home, you might purchase luxury bathrobes. When you buy this apparel, you want something that makes you feel pampered. Note these things to consider before buying a bathrobe.

Robe Durability

A durable bathrobe means less frequent replacement and more value for your money. When shopping for a bathrobe, check the materials on the tag or product description. The best quality robes are usually expensive because they use high-end fabrics that last many wears and washes. 

Robe Material

Not much tops the plush comfort of a robe as you lounge in your room and give yourself the luxury treatment you deserve. That’s all thanks to the material! The most popular and high-quality materials for bathrobes include cotton, terry, and microfiber.

The fabric impacts the garment’s texture and absorbency; for instance, cotton is quite soft, while terry is highly absorbent. Luxury microfiber robes are popular because they can be lightweight and have a plush sherpa interior.


Some people love the smooth feel of satin or silk robes, while others prefer terry cloth or fleece’s soft, fluffy texture. Other textures, such as waffle-knit, are also popular due to their unique look and feel. Always consider what texture you prefer so you feel cozy in your bathrobe. 


Most of us envelop our bodies in a plush robe after drying off from a shower or bath and may be a bit damp. With a highly absorbent robe, you’ll stay warm as you relax and dry off. Cotton and terry are highly absorbent, making them popular materials for bathrobes.

Robe Size

Robe sizing is usually one size fits most, but it’s always best to check for sizing and a corresponding chart. Sometimes, the robe’s length or width may vary. Your robe should come halfway down your calves; you don’t want it dragging on the floor since it can pose a tripping hazard. 

Robe Style

While style isn’t the first thing we consider before buying a bathrobe, that doesn’t mean you should overlook its importance! Feeling confident in what you wear adds to your comfort and likelihood of wearing the robe. Some popular robe styles include:

  • Shawl-collar robes
  • Kimono-style robes
  • Hooded robes
  • Wrap-style robes

As you shop, evaluate the many style options and buy a bathrobe you like the look of the most. 

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