A Guide to Cleaning Your Terry Cloth Robes

A Guide to Cleaning Your Terry Cloth Robes

Terry cloth robes are comfortable and cozy and provide a luxurious feeling after a hot shower or bath. However, any robe can accumulate dirt and stains with frequent use, so you must take care of the garment to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Delve into this guide to cleaning your terry cloth robe to keep yours looking and smelling fresh!

Read the Garment’s Tag

Your robe’s tag is your best friend since it contains all the valuable information about the fabric straight from the manufacturer. Always inspect this tag and note how it says you should wash your robe, as it may say “hand wash only” or “machine washable.” Knowing this information will help you determine the right method of cleaning your terry cloth robe.

You may get more information on how to wash your exact bathrobe by reviewing the product description if you buy your robe online. The manufacturer may list exact care instructions such as “wash on cold.” 

Wash It Inside Out

Turn your bathrobe inside out anytime you need to load it into your washing machine. Doing so will protect the outer layer of the fabric and prevent any harsh agitation from damaging or pilling the soft fibers. Washing your robe inside out also ensures that the inner part of your robe, where most sweat and dirt accumulate, gets a thorough clean.

Set the Machine to Gentle

The next step to cleaning your terry cloth robe is to set the washing machine to the “gentle” or “hand wash” setting with cool or warm water. While our robes are designed for industrial use, able to withstand high heat and machine washing with minimal shrinkage, it’s best to avoid hot water since it can cause shrinkage and damage your robe’s delicate fibers. Also, use a mild detergent that is safe for terry cloth fabric and does not contain bleach.

You should put your robe in the machine by itself to keep it as soft as possible while it goes through the wash cycle. The robe’s fabric can rub up against other clothing in the machine and cause pilling if you don’t wash it separately.

Pro Tip

Usually, it’s best to avoid fabric softeners as they can reduce your robe’s absorbency by leaving a filmy residue on the fabric.

Let It Air Dry

Once the wash cycle is complete, resist throwing your robe in the dryer. As previously mentioned, our robes are designed for industrial use, but that doesn’t mean putting them in the dryer is the best idea. Instead, let the robe air dry by hanging it up in a well-ventilated area. Doing so will help maintain your robe’s softness and longevity. 

Buy Your Luxury Robe

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