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Sizing and Fabric Info


Waist Circumference of the Robe

Our regular robes have a waist circumference of approximately 60" Our XL robes have a waist circumference of approximately 65".
Remember, when you wear a robe, one side overlaps the other. Some prefer a small overlap, and some prefer a large overlap.
Take that into consideration when you are sizing the waist and bust.

Bust Circumference of the Robe

The bust of a robe varies with the size and style. Most of our robes are one size fits most, which is approximately 57".
The bust is measured by the left and right laps in the front plus the circumference of the back.
Basically, when you open the robe, it'll be the chest from left side to right side of the robe.

Length of the Robe

The robe lengths are measured from the back of the neck down to the bottom of the robe.
Most of our robes are one size fits most, which is approximately 48" up to 52".

To find out how big a robe will be on you, we suggest using a tape measure and measure from the back of your neck
to the floor for an idea of the length and around your body just above where the belt would be for the bust.

*note* OSFM (one size fits most) is equivalent to a size LARGE.


We specifically designed our robe fabrics for hotel use.
This means that the fabrics are far high in quality and superior to most "consumer" fabrics in wear, weight, and touch.

Velour and Terry

100% cotton terry, sometimes called loop terry, has loops on both sides of the fabric.
100% cotton terry velour sometimes called velour, has loops on the inside and has a smooth velvet feel on the outside of the fabric.
It is considered the "ultimate" terry.
Our terry and velour products come in a variety of weights.
Each of these weights is specifically designed for the hotel industry and are substantially heavier and larger than most consumer robes.
All are made of 100% long stranded ring-spun combed cotton.


The microfiber lined robes are 100% microfiber polyester lined with 80% cotton/20% polyester lining, wether plush or loop terry.
It is virtually indestructible and resists most stains. The ultimate fabric!


Chamois microfiber is a very soft flannel like material much like a chamois you might use to dry off a car.
It is extremely absorbent and durable, yet super soft and light. 100% chamois microfiber material.