Towel Collection

The best towels available!

Towel Lovers Unite! We’re sure we are not the only people who've wondered how to get our hands on some of those thick, luxurious towels you find in nice hotels and spas. They feel so good when drying off; you might think you are royalty for a while. But fear not, our towels are of the exact same quality and comfort as you’ll find in any high end resort.

Our King’s Choice 650 GSM Towels instantly give you that luxury feel and comfort you deserve. When looking for fine towels, remember it’s the “GSM” (Grams per Square Meter) that count. The more fibers stuffed into a GSM the better. King’s Choice Towels has a high count of 650 GSM, meaning that the towel is definitely on the scale of luxury feel when compared to other towels.

This also translates to efficiency, thickness and the ability to absorb more moisture than other towels. Woven at over 19 ounces, our King’s Choice Towels have a very nice weight to them and extra durability. These towels will feel the same wash after wash.

When it comes to sizes and lengths, we’ve got you covered. King’s Choice 650 GSM Towels are available in wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet and bath mats.

We’re always thinking about the environment when it comes to our products. Luxurious and at the same time created for the green initiative, our Green Earth Microcotton Towels are something we consider to be very special.

The key to our Eco Towels is the use of ELS cotton. ELS stand for Extra-Long Staple. These ELS fibers are over 160 percent thicker and more absorbent than regular cotton towels of the same weight.

The result is a towel that is much easier to clean, and uses around 30 percent less water. Plus, the woven material is many times softer than a normal towel, yet remains highly durable.